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The Invisible
Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 102 min
Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Trailers:Trailer (General)
Nick Powell (Justin Chatwin), a promising young writer, is the victim of a violent attack, then is left for dead. He hovers in a realm between life and death, and the living cannot see him. Nick must unravel the mystery of what happened to him before time runs out and he is lost forever.
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Poster Art A scene from the film "The Invisible." A scene from the film "The Invisible." A scene from the film "The Invisible." A scene from the film "The Invisible."
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Cast: Justin Chatwin, - Marcia Gay Harden, - Michelle Harrison, - Justin Chatwin, Nick - Margarita Levieva, Annie - Michelle Harrison, Kate - Chris Marquette, - Alex Ferris, Victor - Ryan Kennedy, Matty - Alex O'Loughlin, Marcus - Tania Saulnier, Suzie - Ron Selmour, Guillaume - Desiree Zurowski, Lindy - Justin Chatwin, Nick Powell - Margarita Levieva, Annie Newton - Marcia Gay Harden, Diane Powell - Chris Marquette, Pete Egan - Alex O'Loughlin, Marcus Bohem - Callum Keith Rennie, Det. Brian Larson - Michelle Harrison, Det. Kate Tunney - Andrew Francis, Dean - P. Lynn Johnson, Sharon Egan - Serge Houde, Martin Egan - Desiree Zurowski, Lindy Newton - Mark Houghton, Jack Newton - Alex Ferris, Victor Newton


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